“Do Not Attempt to Build a New Home In Decatur, IL Area Until You Read This Guide. Learn How to Avoid Costly Mistakes… Get Guild Quality Craftsmanship… and, Complete the Building Process on Time! ”

If you’re tossing around the idea of building a new home in the Decatur, Forsyth, Mt. Zion, Illinois area, then this is a must-read!


Dear Decatur, IL Area Home Building Friend,

At last there’s a guide created specifically for folks who have an interest in building a new home in the Decatur, Illinois area. The title of the guide is A Step-by-Step Guide to Having a New Home Built in Decatur, Illinois—A Look at the Homebuilding Process from Start to End. It’s jam packed with 53 pages of rich content that will educate you on every step that’s important to know and take in building a new home. Regardless if your plans are big, small or in the middle, this guide will HELP YOU. And it’s been completely customized for you the future home builder in Decatur, Forsyth, Mt. Zion and other surrounding communities.

The good news is the home builder guide is 100% FREE with no catch.

That’s right, not one catch. It’s absolutely free.

You simply can’t lose on with this on guide. Continue on and you’ll find out exactly what

I mean…


Hello, let me introduce myself. I’m Steve Drake of Drake Homes. My company and I have had the great fortune for the past 30 years of helping over 2,500 local families in Decatur and all of IL meet their home building goals. And I’ve loved every single second of it!

“What pumps me up the most is watching my customers’ response when walking into their newly finished home”

As you can imagine I’ve experiences and seen it all: from huge smiles, tears of happiness, hard-to-contain excitement. Once, I had a customer start jumping up and down, fall to the new hardwood floor, start balling, stand up and give me a meaningful heartfelt hug.

That’s what it’s all about and I love my job! My business, Drake Homes, is known for creating the best crafted homes in all of Decatur, Forsyth, Mt. Zion, Central Illinois and perhaps Illinois in total… which we’ve proudly earned one home at a time. We’ve constructed at types and priced homes from $150,000 to well over 7 figures.

Please understand I’m not trying to blow my own horn here.

That’s not what I’m trying to do here. Nobody, including myself, likes a sales pitch, and I don’t want you to think I’m bragging about Drake Homes and we’re the only quality new home builder in Decatur, Illinois… It’s simply not the case and there are a handful of home builders that are of quality. And I’m sure that would turn you off anyway. My goal is to share with you a couple “qualifiers”—FACTS about my background and experience—reasons why YOU might be interested in taking what information I’ll be offering you here seriously.

luth1You see, over the years, I’ve seen everything you can imagine as it relates to this business. As a student of this industry, I’m always watching and learning from other home builders locally and nationally—the one thing that always amazes me is how vast scale of quality out there—from top notch craftsmanship to unbelievably inferior work.

And that leads me to one of the key reasons I wrote this guide: to educate future home builders like yourself with regard to what they need to know about the home building process and experience. After all this is one the biggest investments/purchases you’ll probably ever make. The good news is I’ve recorded excellent notes on my learning, and I’m ready to share them with you. What you’re going to read could make a huge difference between a highly successful home building project completed within your budget, within your timeline and of top craftsmanship versus one that is burdened with constant strain, costly oversights and less then desirable quality.

Here are the facts:

I live and breathe this business seven days a week. I have raving reviews for building the “cream of the crop” top crafted homes. I know Decatur and I know all the towns surrounding Decatur including Argenta, Bement, Bethany, Blue Mound, Cerro Gordo, Clinton, Dalton City, Elwin, Findlay, Forsyth, Harristown, Illiopolis, Kirksville, La Place, Macon, Maroa, Monticello, Moweaqua, Mt. Auburn, Mt. Zion, Niantic, Oakley, Oreana, Stonington, Sullivan, and Warrensburg.

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I also know the subdivisions including:

  • Daybrook Estates, Decatur, IL
  • Fitzgerald Manor, Decatur, IL
  • Country Club Pointe, Decatur, IL
  • Stony Brook Estates, Decatur, IL
  • Heather Hills West, Decatur, IL
  • Southlake, Decatur, IL
  • Beaver Creek, Forsyth, IL
  • Meadows at Greenlake, Decatur, IL
  • Krafts Korner, Mt. Zion, IL
  • Cray Croft at Southlake, Decatur, IL
  • Carrington Estates, Mt. Zion, IL
  • Alexander Heights, Mt. Zion, IL
  • Country Club Harbour, Decatur, IL
  • Ashland Estates, Mt. Zion, IL
  • Southbrooke Estates II, Mt. Zion, IL
  • Southside Estates, Mt. Zion, IL
  • Stevens Creek, Forsyth, IL
  • Schroll Pointe, Forsyth, IL
  • The Reserve, Decatur, IL
  • Birchwood Estates, Decatur, IL
  • Clearwater Shores, Decatur, IL
  • Sundance Fields, Mt. Zion, IL
  • Hunters Pointe, Mt. Zion, IL
  • Grayhawk, Forsyth, IL
  • Bay Shore North, Decatur, IL
  • Greenbrier Estates, Forsyth, IL
  • Hamilton Addition, Maroa, IL



It makes sense to leverage my knowledge and let me teach you a realistic, proven way to build the new home you’re thinking about.


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Here’s a high level overview of what you’ll discover in this knowledge-packed home building guide:

  1. How to evaluate your must haves and nice to haves in a new home
  2. Why folks should think twice before being their own contractor—why over 90% fail
  3. Key factors to think about before you break ground on a new home in Decatur, Forsyth, Mt. Zion or any other site in Central IL
  4. How to get guild quality craftsmanship from your selected home builder
  5. How a shell package might work for you and how it can save you a ton of money if you’re willing to do a bit of work
  6. How to spot home builder’s tactics and ultimately save thousands
  7. The top six tips for selecting the home builder given for your situation



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You’ll also learn the following about home building:

  1. What to look for in a Decatur construction lender and how to make your final selection
  2. How to reduce/eliminate common problems that usually pop up when building a new home
  3. Six key benefits to building a new home versus buying an existing build home in the Decatur area
  4. 35 Questions you need to check off your list when buying a building site in Decatur or Central IL
  5. How construction loans work and steps you need to take to get one
  6. How home builders change orders can cost you thousands if you don’t manage them and how partner with your builder to prevent them
  7. Step-by-step instructions on finding and developing a home plan that works for your family’s lifestyle and Central IL
  8. Critical things to look for when comparing home builder’s prices so you don’t overpay in the end

You can’t afford, or take the risk, of not getting your hands on this content rich home building guide. Really, it’s completely to your advantage.

Decatur Home Builders: Get Your New Home Building Guide Right Now

All right all future Decatur home builders, you’ve made it to the end of this letter. That’s an indicator that you’re smarter than the average bear and you’re taking your home building plan serious. That’s great and congratulations! Here’s what I recommend you do next:

Fill in the simple form above and we’ll email you the guide. It’s so simple. And remember, there’s no catch. Read the guide a couple of times, and then you decide what to do next.

I wish you great success in accomplishing your home building goals. Should you choose to build with Drake Homes, I look partnering with you and building the home of your dreams!

Best wishes,




How To Plan, Build And Buy Your Dream Home, And Save Thousands!

  • How to compare home builder’s prices, quote to quote
  • Selecting the right mortgage when buying new
  • How to know when you’re getting the quality and craftsmanship you deserve
  • How to avoid costly mistakes and headaches
  • Top ways to make your home more energy efficient
  • Tips on building or buying a healthier home

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